KOBRA collimator sights

  • easy to use — the sight is easily mounted on a standard rail by a standard mount.
  • reliability — the sight is optimized for shotguns and rifles: it handles powerful ammunition including 12-gauge (357 Magnum, 7.62×54, .30-06 Springfield, etc).
  • operation comfort — reticle brightness system has 16 levels.
  • versatility — 4 types of reticle for any purpose and shooting condition.
  • memory function — brightness level and reticle type data is automatically saved in sight memory and recover when turning on the sight.

The reticle is in a plane with a target which allows to aim with one or both eyes open therefore the field of view is unlimited. The sight has a function of quick windage and elevation adjustment while operating. All units are placed in light, impact-resistant, sealed housing that prevents ingress of moisture and dust.

Operating of «KOBRA» sights increases fire efficiency at moving targets by 2-3 times and by 1.5-2 times at stationary targets. The sight can be used for night firing with night vision goggles or devices. «KOBRA» sights passed all tests at Central Research Institute «Totchmarsh» — leading special-purpose products developer of Russian Federation, certification tests at FSUE TS «STiS», field tests at special operations detachment «Krechet», troop tests at Intelligence Corps unit and Special Task Unit of Department of Home Affairs of Russian Federation.
Developer and manufacturer – JSC «Izhevsk Motozavod«Axion-holding»

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Undeniable advantages:

Memory function
Temperature conditions
Water and dust resistant
Automatic turn off
Steady POI
Adjustment wheel

Intended use

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