Extra base-mount
Extra base-mount was developed for the purpose of mounting collimator or night vision sights on the weapon. The base-mount is designed for installation of detachable equipment on rifles and shotguns. The mount is quick detachable and reliable. Main bearing part – is a bracket-type support with an L-shaped bend towards the barrel made of solid aircraft quality aluminum with upper «Weaver»/«Picatinny» rail for sight mounting and side «Weaver»/«Picatinny» rail for detachable equipment such as flashlight, LTD and other accessories. «Weaver»/«Picatinny» rails are solid, reliable and commonly used since their versatility. The mount is designed according to MIL-STD-1913 that is common and applied in NATO countries in accordance with STANAG 2324.

- installation along the aiming axis;
- low fit of the bracket relative to the receiver cover.

Standard equipment:
Extra base-mount, shipping box.
Mount type:
Side mount
Firearm types:
Army type dovetail side mount
Civilian rifles: Saiga, Tigr and Vepr and any other firearm with AK-like side rail
Clamp for weapon with side rail
Adjustable catch with excentric for fastening on the rail (this construction is proved to be one of the most reliable and trusted quick detach models worldwide)
Length of upper «Weaver»/«Picatinny» rail
140 mm, 10-12 slots for detachable equipment
Breadth of upper and side «Weaver»/«Picatinny» rail
21, 21 mm
Length of side «Weaver»/«Picatinny» rail
108 mm, 10 slots for detachable equipment
Height of upper and side «Weaver»/«Picatinny» rail
9.32 mm
Mount material
AK-12 aluminium foundry alloy
Dimensions (HxBxL)
50x160x105 mm
Own weight
0.28 kg
Shipping weight
0.35 kg
Dimensions of package (HxBxL)
52x170x116 mm
Standard equipment

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