«KOBRA» sight standard equipment includes warranty card. The warranty card confirms that the purchased product is free from defects and completely functional. Subject to the observance of the operation rules, the warranty card entitles you to have a free warranty repair of a product that has failed due to our fault during the entire warranty period. The warranty does not apply to physical damage of the product and the carrying case, as well as to the ease of movement of moving parts and mechanisms. The manufacturer reserves the right to void the warranty in following cases:
- The product have signs of unauthorized tampering or modification;
- The product has been dropped or have signs of mechanical or chemical exposure;
- In case of unauthorized repair by third-parties;
- If the damage to the product is caused by fire, natural disasters or domestic factors;
- If the damage to the product is caused by ingress of foreign objects, substances, liquids etc.;
- If the serial number on the product is changed, obliterated, unreadable or removed programmatically (regarding products with individual serial number).

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