Become a dealer

Our company is interested in product promotion and broadening our network of partners.
Productive cooperation, confidence in partners – are the keys of successes. We are ready to consider your proposal. If you have a proposal or any questions about cooperation contact us by phone number + 7 (3412) 56-02-21, e-mail or fill up the form bellow.

Dealer Requirements

There is not much of requirements, but it is important:
№ 1: Responsible approach to work. It is at least a half of success to possess the ability to competently answer all questions of potential customer. A point to keep in mind is that we will always help you and train your staff. We will support you on the beginning of our cooperation and on further relationship as well.
№ 2: Last but not the least, you have to be a juridical person of any form of ownership or have a sole proprietorship.

Terms and conditions:

- Availability of an office, a showroom and a warehouse;
- Availability of qualified employees;
- Willingness to carry out advertising policy and presentations agreed with the company.

The ground of our partnership – is a fair and transparent mutual relations.

The partner's activities are carried out on the basis of a dealer agreement concluded between the Dealer and the Manufacturer, which stipulates the mutual obligations of the Parties, the amount of price discounts provided to the Dealer and other terms of commercial relations.


1. Flexible payment terms (installments, deferred payments, transfer goods on consignment)
2. We perform warranty and post-warranty service
3. Availability of spare parts in the warehouse
4. Custom orders (we will collect for you the required assortment and quantity)
5. We work throughout Russia, the countries of the Customs Community and Europe
6. We will post a link to your store on our official website and redirect the buyer to your store.
7. We will provide you with promotional content.
8. We are always ready to meet you halfway and help – we will assign our manager to you.

As a start of partnership let’s get to know each other:

Downloadable files
Logo in color in Russian Axion
Logo in color in Russian Axion
Logo in color in Russian Axion
Logo in color in Russian Axion
Colored logo «KOBRA» in Russian
Colored logo «KOBRA» in Russian

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