After-sales service

Official warranty on «KOBRA» sights (all models):
- Warranty operating life is 2 years from the purchase date;
- It is important to remember, that warranty service can be performed by manufacturer or its official representatives, case of repairing by third-party company will void the warranty. In a warranty case contact us to be instructed how to send us the product on our expense. Currently we cooperate with following companies: «Delovie Linii», «Russian Post» and EMS

To send the product for warranty service, contact us by phone +7 (3412) 56-02-72, e-mail or fill out the form below

Our company also performs post-warranty service, we have all parts and accessories on stock. Service price depends on labor content and components cost. The final cost of service is known after free diagnostics.

Leave a request for service

Service request form
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