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I zeroed the sight with my rifle only once after the purchase. For two years after the purchase I've been doing several shots before the hunt to make sure if the sight is adjusted but than I realized that this is pointless since the firing was always accurate. For past 8 years I never zeroed it at all. Each year in autumn and spring I’ve been on following. At winter I hunt hazel grouse and hare. The temperature is between minus 30 and plus 30. The sight went through rain, fog and dew. I dropped the sight into the water but it only takes to wipe the lenses and mount it back on the weapon to continue your hunt. The only thing I am unhappy with is the weight – it’s a bit heavy. But Saiga is heavy as it is so I got used to it. It showed great results at twilight firing and shooting moving game. The battery life is also great. Korovaev N.I.